Gentle Techniques For Delicate Patients

The biggest myth about Chiropractors is that all we do is ?crack backs and necks?. Nothing could be further than the truth. While manipulation of joints is one of our most powerful tools to heal with, it is only one of the tools we use to treat our patients. We are trained in numerous techniques that are extremely gentle for our more delicate patients. Many of the techniques we use do not involve ?cracking? noises at all.

When treating dysfunctional joints, the biggest difference between ?cracking? and ?non cracking? techniques is the speed at which they are carried out. Procedures that produce a ?cracking? noise are performed at a high rate of speed whereas procedures that do not produce a cracking noise are typically performed at a slow rhythmical rate. ?Many of our patients do not receive any cracking manipulations.

In addition to using procedures targeting joints, we also perform a wide variety of techniques aimed at healing the other soft tissues of the body including the muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments. Our clinic also uses a full complement of physical therapy modalities on par with those offered at leading hospitals but in a more intimate setting. We successfully treat many types of ?delicate? patients including young children, the elderly, patients with osteoporosis and patients with disabilities. If you have been reluctant to try chiropractic because you don’t want to be ?cracked? , or you believe your problem is coming from a muscle, and not your bones, we urge you to overcome your reluctance and give us a try. ?Chances are we can resolve your problem and if not, we will make every effort to help you find someone who can.