Headache is a common complaint seen in Chiropractic practices. Tension headaches are the most common headaches. Tension headaches are typically accompanied by, tight muscles in the neck and upper back harboring trigger points, and articular dysfunctions of the joints (locked joints) in the cervical and thoracic spine. Chiropractors routinely release trigger points in the tight muscles and reestablishing normal joint mobility (unlock joints) in the cervical and thoracic spine for their patients. This works very well to relieve tension headaches.

Migraine headaches are another type of headache that also responds well to Chiropractic care. ?In a study of migraine suffers, half of 127 patients were given chiropractic care and half a sham treatment. Subjects receiving chiropractic care reported substantial improvement in Migraine frequency, duration, disability and medication use following 2 months of care while those receiving sham treatment failed to improve.

Nutritional counseling and instructions for home care round out the treatment regimen for treating headaches in a chiropractic setting. Referrals to a neurologist are also available for those patients in need of further evaluation.


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